Continuing our Strong LPS Legacy

Friends, supporters, community:

Thank you so much!

It is a week past the election and I want to take a minute to thank everyone for their support!
Thank you to the families who donated financially.
Thank you to my friends who wrote endorsements, comments and shared posts on facebook.
Thank you to those who came to the public forums as friendly faces (those were nerve-wracking!)
Thank you to so many people who spread the word about my campaign. Your personal recommendations spread further than my voice alone.
Thank you to everyone who encouraged me along the way. You have no idea how strong and powerful your words were to me. I have saved all of your comments to pull out in the future when I need them.
Thank you to the 7,000 voters who chose me on their ballot. That is a higher number than I dreamed of and I am humbled that so many people put their faith in me.

As I got into the election season I found that my family and work commitments changed the amount of time and energy that I was able to put into my campaign. I love this district but my family comes first. I prayed about it a lot and truly believe that God has other plans for me this season.
I learned a lot about the District, our community, the election process and myself. I still have plenty to do on the Long Range Planning Committee and elsewhere in the District and we will see what happens next.



I'm Crysti Copp and I want to represent you on the LPS School Board

My desire to run for School Board was strengthened by the encouragement that I have received from so many people in the community! My extensive volunteering and relationships at the school and district levels give me the right experience and background to be your next School Board member.

Don't forget to VOTE!


Ballots have arrived in our mailboxes!

Make sure to make your vote count, fill out your ballot  - including your choice for LPS School Board! Then drop it off at a location near you, or vote in person 10/28-11/5.

You can check out for any questions you have about where or how to vote.

Experience in our District, Respect for our Community

Extensive Volunteering Experience


 School Board is the next best step in my LPS journey.

I have volunteered in LPS for the past 9 years, in both school and district level positions.   

All of these experiences have given me a rich understanding of how the many parts of the District work together for the good of our students.

I have listed my highlights below.

Continuing our Legacy


I believe in LPS!  

My husband and I moved into this district before we had children so that they could go to school here.  

I value the forward thinking and considered, student-centered approach that staff at all levels take toward any decisions they make. 

 I want to contribute to and continue this approach going forward.

Strong Community Support


I believe our community is strong, important and intelligent.

The backing of our amazing community helped me get into this race and it continues to be critical to me. I am asking for your help in many areas. 

Word-of-mouth endorsement, lawn signs, and donations are just a few ways that you can help me represent you on the Littleton Public School Board.   

Any and all types of support are sincerely appreciated. Thank you. 

Donate to my campaign.

Volunteering Experience in Littleton Public Schools

Co-Chaired 4A Bond Committee


I co-chaired the committee behind passing 4A, the largest bond ever requested in LPS' history.  Citizens for LPS successfully rallied the community, raised awareness of the needs of the school district and got out the vote to pass almost $300M to benefit all of our schools. I worked with District Leadership, School Board members, Community members, Volunteers and Consultants to co-lead our committee to reach our community via printed material, social media, face-to-face walks and presentations, email, texting and postcards.  It was a fascinating process and very educational in how to educate the community and work with such a varied group of people.

I along with the rest of the team were recognized by Brian Ewert, Superintendent and the current School Board at one of their meetings.

Long Range Committee Member


I have been and continue to be a member of the LPS Long Range Committee.  We considered all of the needs of a District that needs to service students in the 21st century and presented options to the School Board.  This work has resulted in the 2018 Bond which is funding 3 new school buildings, a new Jr Stadium and many more projects and improvements to all of our schools.

Currently the LRPC is working to determine options for new boundaries for students in LPS to deliver to the School Board and then to the community for review.  Our goals include better and more efficient bus routes; improved boundaries for the new build schools; and more equitable balance of students among schools.

VP & President of PTO Presidents Council


LPS is unique in that all of our PTO Presidents are welcome to a monthly meeting (PPC), facilitated by District Director of Communications Diane Leiker, to learn from and share with each other.  We are also able to hear from Superintendent Ewert and a standing member of the School Board.

After attending the PPC for many years as a PTO President, I was elected Vice President and then President for 2016-2018.  These positions allowed me to meet many more people at the District level, participate in more areas, and learn more about the District as a whole than I did almost anywhere else. 

Involvement on PPC gave me a broader sense of our district, as I was able to hear about what all of the other PTO's were doing and learn what was going well and not so well.  I also got a taste of what the School Board members do from whichever one attended PPC that year.  They always shared what was going on, asked for feedback and asked questions.  I very much appreciate the transparency of the Board and our Superintendent.

LPS Foundation Member


I was honored to be a member of the LPS Foundation during the year that I was PPC President.  Beth Best and her dedicated team do an amazing job of supporting and contributing to our District.  It was an honor to work with this team of passionate people and learn how they work tirelessly to support our district.  They are a quiet but mighty force behind many of the successful programs that make our district shine.

LPS Safe Schools Design Team


I am a member of the LPS Safe Schools Design Team, led by Nate Thompson - Director, Social, Emotional and Behavior Services and Guy Grace - Director of Security and Emergency Planning.  This team is fascinating to me, as we discuss what is going on across the District from a Safety and Social/Emotional standpoint.  Experts from District and schools, parents and others talk about needs, trends, wins and the cutting-edge answers and technology that LPS is using to keep our students safe.

I was already convinced that LPS schools were the safest place for my children to be and our discussions have only cemented that belief.  

PTO President & School level volunteering


Powell Middle School: I was PTO VP and then President at Powell MS, allowing me to get to know the staff and workings of our outstanding Middle School.  I volunteered where possible there - FACS sewing help, school play, teacher luncheons, clinic, etc.

Sandburg Elementary School:  I started as a Kindergarten mom, moved into SCRIPS management, Fundraiser Chair (3 years Run4Fund$, 3 years online auction), classroom volunteer, field day chair, Principal Selection Committee, PTO Vice President, Sandburg School Accountability Committee Member and PTO President (and I'm sure there were plenty of other things!).  Each year I was on elementary PTO board, we raised over $100,000 to fund a teacher point and other needs at the school (including working with the 2013 bond to add a science lab with personalized bricks from families!)

Thank you so much


Your donation supports the Copp4LPS campaign and is greatly appreciated.  

If you would like to send a check, please make it out to Copp for Littleton Public School Board and mail to the address below.